Biden And Pelosi Go Bonkers With 3 Days Until FISA Report Release

First it was Joe Biden that went bonkers calling an Iowa voter a LIAR. Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped when asked “do you hate Donald Trump” by a reporter. It’s a clear sign of Trump Derangement Syndrome knowing the FISA Report will be out in 3 days! πŸ˜†

Joe Biden completely lost his marbles (what little he has left) when a prospective voter questioned his involvement in Burisma Holdings, with his son, Hunter Biden. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing. Joe Biden was clearly suffering from Trump derangement syndrome (TDS.) Gotta love how our president gets to the corrupt haters!

Next it was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s turn to let out this Level 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome Outburst, when asked by a reporter if she HATED President Trump. Naturally Pelosi LIED and said she didn’t hate president Trump. Then she took out her hatred on the reporter saying, I’m not one to mess with! The expression on her face said it all! 😑

Sean Hannity had this to say last night.

Lets face it. It’s tick tock, tick tock, time, as 12/09/19 is only 3 days away. Americans are fed up with this Democratic double standard and hate that’s ripping our country to pieces.

biden no malarkey
Hostile Joe Biden attacks voter during a campaign event in Iowa calling the voter a liar and calling him fat

It’s also very clear Americans are sick of haters Impeachment coup. There is no evidence president Trump did anything wrong. Democrats are desperate to get rid of our duly elected president because they can’t beat him at the polls next year!

Best bet is to vote Republican straight ticket. I’d rather put up with a few RINOs than Democrats. Dirty Dems have shown there hatred for our country for way too long!

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