Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin – Useful Or Just More Added Bloat?

This post is a review of Google site kit WordPress plugin, and my thoughts about how Google treats conservative pro-Trump supporters. It’s no secret Google hates president Donald J. Trump. WordPress site kit only displays what’s already in your search console and Analytics accounts, and keeps your blog signed into Google at all times. It’s just more added WordPress Bloat! 🙁

This narrated screen video is a site kit tour of this blog and my old archive blog. The lack of pro-trump search terms here and especially on my archive that’s been up since 2012 is alarming for a pro-trump site.

Lets face the facts, If you know WordPress well and are an SEO savvy blogger, your articles should rank well in Google search. And If your site bashes Trump, Goog will love you too. BUT if you’re a pro-conservative Donald J. Trump blogger, vlogger, forget it. You’ll be burried in Goog’s index! 😥

It’s a well known fact that Globalist Google hates president Trump with a passion. They have weekly sessions called TGIF where all Googlers and staff get together in a large room and talk about this and that. Someone leaked their tgif video recorded after Hillary Clinton LOST the 2016 election. Sergy Brin and other googlers were literally crying that Trump was America’s 45th president.

Brin said this, “As an immigrant and a refugee, I certainly find this election deeply offensive, and I know many of you do too.” The full one hour TGIF video is here on Breitbart News . Goog Hates TRUMP!

As a computer bulletin board system operator (Sysop.) I’ve been bouncing early electronic mail around the world via the Fidonet network using 2400 baud modems, long before the Internet was made available to the general public. Doc’s Place Fidonet BBS is still online today 29 years later. The dial up lines were ditched in 1997 when Wildcat was upgraded to allow callers via telnet and the web.

So I’ve been around the block a time or two. The Internet was a blessing when it first came out. As a hobbyist I’ve kept up with tech since those early days and followed Google like a hawk. Personally I feel big tech as a whole was allowed too amass too much power over the people. Bloggers like me are being punished for supporting our president Donald J. Trump.

My FidoSysop YouTube channel must be shadowbanned. It has narrated screen videos produced during Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign that have only double digit views. Shame on you Google!

fidosysop youtube shadowbanned

As for big brother Google they do hold the keys to the internet. Google decides what you will find when their index is searched. I’m also a victim of their leftist censorship. My archive blog is chock full of support for Donald J. Trump since his presidential campaigns early days.

In 2018 i went through my blogs keywords and keyphrases in my Google search console. The keyword Trump appeared TWICE out of 900+ equerries. Google was censoring the keyword or keyphrases containing the word Trump. It was time for an anti-trust invest.

Here’s narrated screen video i produced with my findings on 08/07/2018! 😡

I started out blogging about the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin but got sidetracked thinking about conservatives and Trump supporters who are blacklisted by globalist Goog and YouTube. As for the site kit, it’s more added bloat that will slow your site down even more. Plus a WordPress site is constantly signed into Goog, the being spied on thought comes to mind here.

It is my personal opinion that since Googles TGIF event in 2016 they’ve had plenty of time to learn from that election, and possibly attempt to flip the 2020 election. I trust them as far as i can throw em. And i sincerely hope President Trump has his campaign team keeping a close eye on Goog. Whatever happened to that Antitrust Invest the White House was launching last summer?

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible!

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