5G China: The War To Dominate Worldwide Communications

5G China aggression is dominating the next generation cellular communications technology. Before leaving office, Barack Obama turned the Internet over to the United Nations (UN.) Not many people were concerned back then. But America invented the net, so giving it away was insane. Today war is being waged over who controls next generation cellular network (5G) and China is winning! ?

5G world dominance led by China

Tucker Carlson on last nights show, was talking about China’s 5G aggression and plans to control this technology worldwide, and so far is winning the war. Considering we communicate over the Internet with our smartphones, the UN controlling the net should be a valid concern. Part of Obama and Clinton’s push for globalization was the Internet and why he signed it over to the UN.

09/29/16 Outrage grows as the Obama administration plans to transfer oversight of the internet to an international body and four Republican attorneys general sue. ‘On the Record’ looks at the key issues

China’s influence over the fifth generation of wireless technology, more commonly known as 5G, is a lot more important than some TV commercials might have you believe. The first country to deploy 5G will own the economy of the future, establish itself as the worldwide leader in technology and innovation, and have an upper hand in terms of national security. It is crucial that America not one of our greatest adversaries, such as China continue to lead the world. 

Ensuring America Reaches Its 5G Potential

According to a leading industry association, America’s telecommunications operators plan to invest $275 billion to deploy 5G networks, creating 3 million new jobs and adding $500 billion to our economy. Spurring this investment in 5G is only possible with a forward-looking, strategic approach that will sustain high-speed and high-capacity applications. Spectrum is a crucial resource needed to facilitate the exchange of vast data quantities that support cutting-edge technologies from autonomous vehicles and telemedicine to advanced public safety communications networks. Recognizing this, President Trump and the Federal Communications Commission recently announced that the largest spectrum auction in American history will kick off in December.

Being a nerd, I’m more interested in telling Spectrum to stick their cable internet, and replace it with a 5G router. It’ll be as easy as subscribing to an additional line (as wireless providers) call them now. Place the sim-card into the router and wallah. Lightning fast speeds of op to 4gps. Run through the config and assign IP’s to your devices via their mac addresses. When this 5G tech rolls out.

Then there are those conspiracy theorists who believe 5G causes cancer and other illnesses. Probably spread by tin-foil mad hatters. But it all hinges on America winning the 5G China war.

Thank GOD Donald J. Trump was elected president in 2016. If Hillary Clinton has won we wouldn’t have a country. She would have sold more of our country out. It’s bad enough Barack Obama gave away OUR Internet to the UN. We gotta reelect Donald Trump in 2020! ?

I'm an old Florida Cracker born in St Pete during the early 50s. My computer is my tech school. I'm hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with it all. I'm also a Trump supporter who is saddened of what my country has became. Only MAGA can clean up the Biden stench that has made our homeland the laughingstock of the world 😡

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