What Parler Should Be Doing – But Are Too Blind To See

Update 12/29/21: I’m pleased to report Parler has switched to a content delivery network (CDN) and is no longer hopping all the way from Switzerland to America. It’s loading really fast on both my Windows PC and its iPhone app. I had suggested using a CDN in this video where I also spoke my opinion about the 2020 presidential election, which was hosted on a Vimeo-Pro account. Vimeo deleted my account that had a large archive of used car scam awareness videos from a 2013 project. Vimeo and YouTube were shutting down anyone that questioned the election! 😡

Parler CDN Compunex
Parler IP Location GEO lookup . Image credit, Geotool Firefox plugin Screen Shot.

Compunex must not be a complete CDN like CloudFlare but has Sweeden IPs, where I’m assuming Parler’s servers reside. It’s also interesting that a whois lookup on Parler’s IP lists Compunex.net which is resolving to a parked page on GoDaddy. Possibly used for admin contact email.

Parler is on its third CEO since first coming online. George Farmer, the husband of Trump loyalist Candace Owens, is its new chief executive. I’ve been following the adventures of John Matze and Rebekah Mercer who founded the site since it was first rolled out and have posted a detailed review of Parker. Though I may be considered the dark sheep of the web. I’m exceptional in web security and optimizing websites for speed using content delivery, (CDN) networks worldwide!

Candace Owens and George Farmer CEO of Parler

It seems to me that with each stumble Parler takes, the site just gets worse and worse. Since it’s iPhone app updated on my device I can’t read a thing on the site. Who is doing the coding? Some of us are OLD and can’t see like 20-year-olds. Every time I use the app it requires resigning in. Solve a captcha, and enter an SMS verification code. The same goes for signing in via desktop web browser. Enter the captcha and enter the SMS verification code. Repeat every time I log in.

It’s total insanity to be locked down this tight. On top of that, the site is now pushing all content out of a single node in Switzerland. Going to Parler from the U.S.A.? It’s called Internet Hops. The 20 hop route parler.com takes bouncing through switch and router to make it to America.

traceroute to parler.com
Windows 64 bit trace route to parler.com from Clearwater FL.

This slows the access way down. It also makes it difficult to share links. If y’all don’t know how sharing works, the site you share a link to must scrape the metadata and retrieve the open graph (OG) post title, post description, and the featured image. It’s round trip sharing suicide in hops without using a global content delivery network (CDN.)

geotool current ip location of parler.com
Geotool map showing the location of parler.com in Switzerland .

No wonder they’re locked down like Al Capone in his jail cell. The server IP is VISIBLE to anyone. That’s a BIG NO-NO to good IT security folks. The server IP should be cloaked hiding behind a proxy server. This method eliminates 90% of the abuse by scraper bots and other attackers!

docsplace.org cloudflare geoip
docsplace.org is running CloudFlare. My server physically is in Miami FL but is fed from the central United States

docsplace.org’s server is in Miami FL and is running under CloudFlare who is serving it from the Central United States. The advantage of using a CDN like CloudFlare is its worldwide data centers . As an example, anyone accessing my site from let’s say Germany would be fed from the closest of over 200 cities in more than 100 countries. AND my server IP is cloaked. The IP showing above belongs to CloudFlare. I’ve been doing this for years and know what I’m talking about. 😉

Here’s a narrated screen video I produced while logging into Parler, trying to explain why they should be using a CDN. Dan Bongino was crying a while back how his investment in Parler flatlined when Amazon AWS pulled the plug. I’m a fan of Bongino and wonder how savvy web-wise he is? 😥

What’s Going On Over At Parler?

It’s a crying shame to see a website like Parler flatlining when it has so much potential. I don’t know much about big business, or what the CEO does, other than become the fall guy when the crap hits the fan. I bet a bunch of money went into Parler’s re-coding after its AWS fall from grace. And the site looks like crap and performs even worse than it looks. docsplace.org runs under a $20 CloudFlare pro-plan. They provide my web application firewall security, SSL certificate with an origin certificate to prevent sniffing traffic between my server and their CDN. CloudFlare even caches 98% of my content taking a big load off my server. Here’s a CloudFlare tutorial video I produced .

For over 30 years I’ve been running a computer bulletin board system (BBS) long before the Internet was rolled out to the public. I’m also a high school dropout, self-educated in automobile repair, and a used car dealer in my younger days. When the net came out I followed Google like a hawk learning all there was to know about how the Internet worked. I was shocked when I realized the net is censored and controlled by big-tech, with Google being the net’s gatekeeper. Big tech controls what we are allowed to find, through social media and manipulated search indexes!

And naturally, big-tech hates me with a passion. I’m one of those webmasters that don’t give a hoot whether they like it or not, I’m going to keep on blogging away. This website has over 800 blog posts. Over 13,000 conservative-related news videos. Many self-hosted videos, that YouTube has suspended creator’s accounts over. This site is the largest tribute to President Donald Trump online. Yet it’s so shadowbanned and deindexed it’s only had 34 unique human pageviews today.

As far as Parler is concerned. How is it that old saying goes? Ya can lead a horse to water ~ but ya can’t make him drink. Maybe the development team is secretly working with big-tech trying to bury it once and for all. Big tech hates Parler so much anything is possible. Or as an old gambler once told me, you can’t tell the players without a program! 🙁

Keep on stroking those checks, Dan – It’s only money!😎

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please comment and share wherever possible!

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