America Under Attack From Within ~ The Powerful Yeonmi Park Interview

America is under attack from within itself. As iron-clad proof of Wokeness from within our education system, Yeonmi Park, who escaped North Korea after being sold into sex slavery, speaks out on last night’s Hannity show, about her experiences at Columbia University in New York City.

Yeonmi Park, 27, told Hannity on Monday that after being sold into sex slavery and being placed on dictator Kim Jong Un’s “killing list,” she escaped the Hermit Kingdom and trekked through the Gobi Desert to be able to flee to the United States, which she presumed was a free society where her expression would not be censored or even much worse punishment would be handed out.

She told Hannity that from an early age, North Korean children are instructed to equate the term and persona of “American” with “bastard.” Nevertheless, she grew to secretly admire the U.S. from afar – from a nation where even hints of Western influence can be met with harsh criminal punishment.

“I fell in love with this country, this is such a wonderful country,” she said, adding that soon after enrolling at Columbia University in New York City’s Morningside Heights that reminders of the society she left came flooding back into her memory. “Literally every professor was saying the problems that we have in today’s world is because of White men, and how they colonized Africa and Asia. That’s how they mess up everything and they are the ones who need to be blamed”.

Yeonmi Park’s interview with Hannity is living proof of Wokeness within our education system. It’s tearing our country apart from within. How do we stop this from ever happening again?

Article Sources: Fox News Hannity Show , Yeonmi Park.

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