American’s Are Finally Figuring Out Today’s Radical Democratic Party!

There are Rino’s in the RNC but none compare to the unethical, power-hungry Democrats who use, abuse and discard anyone who stands in their way. They are pros. Look at the Blacks and Latinos who are finally getting the picture. Now the Dems have to replace those voters, so in comes the illegals, another base they can abuse for their vote to hopefully stay in power forever! 😡

Americans figuring out today's Democratic party

Town Hall Reports: They sure talk a good game, don’t they? Be thankful Democrats don’t sell used cars, you’d have a yard full of lemons. No, they sell something worse than junk, they sell lies, and they do it really, really well. But don’t think for a second that they don’t know exactly what they’re doing, and never believe, that they actually give a damn about what they claim to care deeply about.

They love children. How do I know this? They won’t shut up about them. Not their own kids, yours. Joe Biden doesn’t talk that often about Hunter because he’s a complete screw up junkie with a taste for expensive prostitutes and cocaine is sickning. But what you should do to raise your kids is something Joe has very strong opinions on. I know there are a lot of people out there trying to turn a public safety measure that is children wearing masks in school so they can be safe into a political dispute, Biden said this week. And this isn’t about politics, this is about keeping our children safe. 

Of course, it is all about politics. Biden then goes on to talk about people yelling at some doctors and nurses who advocated for child mask mandates in Tennessee. He went on to say, “These health care workers are heroes. They were the heroes when there was no vaccine, and they’re heroes again with the vaccine. Yet the Biden administration, and every Democrat, are calling for the firing of those “heroes” who refuse to get vaccinated. A curious way to treat heroes, don’t you think? Democrats don’t give a damn, either about kids or health care workers. They don’t give a damn about anything.

Joe Biden’s Democrats sure loused up U.S. Troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. I’m seeing a video of the Taliban driving around in U.S. Humvees that Joe Biden left behind for them in perfect running condition. Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier in the week “they have high tech vehicles and other equipment” yea ours, that the Taliban seized to take over Kabul and elsewhere!

America is sending 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to assist in the evacuation of personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

USA Today reports: The U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned on Sunday that the security situation in Afghanistan was deteriorating and instructed American citizens to “shelter in place” amid reports of gunfire at the airport in Afghanistan’s capital. The embassy’s security alert came as American troops were in the midst of evacuating all diplomatic staff from the embassy to the airport and as the Taliban entered Kabul, seemingly poised to take over the government. 

Taliban in seized U.S. Military Humvee

The security situation in Kabul is changing quickly, the U.S. Embassy notice said. There are reports of the airport taking fire, therefore we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place. It was not immediately clear how this would affect the planned evacuation of diplomats and Afghans who worked with American troops over the course of the 20-year war. Earlier on Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said all embassy staff was being transported to the airport for their safety. 

NPR Reports on America’s Border Crisis: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says immigration authorities are encountering an “unprecedented number of migrants” at the southern border. Authorities encountered migrants more than 212,000 times in July, according to official numbers released Thursday including nearly 19,000 unaccompanied children, surpassing the monthly record set in March. In a visit to Brownsville, Texas, Mayorkas acknowledged the problem that large numbers of migrants are creating for local communities. The situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face, he said at a press conference. It is complicated, changing, and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic.

migrants to Biden, let us in America

Mayorkas said that a rising number of migrants are testing positive for COVID-19. But he pushed back on claims that migrants are driving the dramatic rise in cases across the south. The rate of positivity is at or lower than the rates in our local border communities, Mayorkas said. We are building new capacity to address the situation, and we are doing so as rapidly as possible. The extent of the challenge should not be overstated. But nor should our ability to meet it.

The combination of rising COVID-19 rates and rising numbers of migrants is straining resources up and down the border — particularly in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, which has seen the biggest increase of any sector. The U.S. Border Patrol was forced to hold migrants for processing under the Anzalduas International Bridge because its regular facilities were overcrowded, a spokesman said. The nearby city of McAllen, Texas opened a tent encampment last week to care for recently-released migrants who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Tucker Carlson busted the Biden Admin’s scheme to Illegally transport untested migrants to resettlement camps, using the U.S. Military. The Pentagon is using an Air Force base in Texas to fly migrants on passenger planes for resettlement across the United States. Democrat Voters! 😆

Tucker obtains whistleblower report on military flying illegal immigrants

We never had these problems while Donald Trump was president. Personally, It’s my opinion that today’s radical democrats are digging a huge hole for themselves. The party’s former Progressive stance is long long gone. It’s been taken over by Radicals that hate America. Their wreaking havoc on our homeland. The only way to rid our homeland of their power would be to prove without a doubt the election was fraudulent. Putting Donald Trump back in his rightful position as president. Then the monumental task of reversing all of Joe Biden’s destructive executive orders!

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