Facebook’s Acquire Or Bury Scheme Outed In Ammended FTC Filing

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an amended complaint against Facebook. The 80-page document argues the social media giant has become a monopoly that has “resorted to an illegal buy-or-bury scheme to maintain its dominance.” The suit points out that Facebook’s business plan has remained true to a deeply rooted view within the company expressed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2008 of “it is better to buy than compete.” Now Facebook dominates and squashes it’s competition.

Facebook global path to domination 2008 map

Visual Capitalist Reports: Facebook’s Path to Global Social Network Domination. From just a few thousand users in 2004 to 2.7 billion monthly active users (MAUs) in 2020, Facebook is by far the world’s largest social network. But its massive global footprint didn’t grow overnight. While Facebook is the most popular social network in many countries, this traction didn’t happen overnight. And in other places, it still hasn’t quite taken off. Line for instance, is popular in Asia.

What famously started as Mark Zuckerberg’s late-night intoxicated project called Facemash, a “hot or not” type website for students at Harvard University, soon evolved into the world’s predominant social network. Before 2008, the social network landscape was populated by social network pioneers such as Myspace and Hi5. Google’s Orkut was the most popular network in Brazil and India, and Friendster found a foothold in Southeast Asia. But the Facebook wave came in earnest. By 2009, the social media giant took the title of most popular network for the bulk of the Americas, Europe, South Asia, and Oceania, with Orkut in Brazil being the sole holdout until 2011.

As big of a footprint as Facebook has on social networking, the tech giant’s reach is magnified when factoring in mobile apps that it also owns. In 2020, the company saw 1.3 billion MAUs on Facebook’s Messenger app, 2 billion MAUs on the world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp, and just under 1.2 billion MAUs on photo-sharing network Instagram.

With increasing scrutiny of tech giants, the company is facing massive antitrust lawsuits in the U.S. by federal and state authorities, and other countries are stepping up potential regulation as well. At the same time, Facebook is struggling to reach younger audiences in developed countries, which have increasingly turned to Snap and TikTok instead for social media. Did 2020 mark the height of Facebook’s global empire, or is it just another milestone on the path towards further domination?


With Facebook allowing the Biden Administration to police the social networking website, looking for and deleting so-called disinformation, and any other content the Democratic party does not like, gives Facebook unlimited power over conservatives, republicans, and Trump supporters. Facebook claims Donald Trump would stir insurrection if his account was unlocked. The fact is, Donald Trump would be encouraging Americans to vote Republican in the 2022 mid-term election. That’s why his Facebook suspension runs until 2023. Facebook becoming an arm of the U.S. Government, doing dirty deeds the government can’t do itself, is downright dangerous. Given the privacy concerns and Facebook’s monetization of people’s photos and other personal data, it’s no wonder many folks are cutting back on uploading photos of family events. I no longer have the Facebook app or messenger app on my iPhone, and use the aforementioned Asian Line app to communicate with friends. The line app supports free video calls and chats worldwide! 😎

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is mired in conflict. Joe Biden seriously mucked up America’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan putting thousands of American and Afghan allies’ lives in danger. And Kamala Harris totally loused up her border czar position, as millions of illegal aliens are given passage every day. Some of the undocumented having Covid-19 but are not required to wear masks and are being resettled all over America, further spreading the China virus all across our homeland. Mike Lindell said during last week’s Donald Trump Save America Rally, We have to fix this now, “referring to the election fraud many of us suspect got Joe Biden elected,” or there will be no way for republicans to win 2022, or 2024 elections! I say Impeach Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! 😡

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