Demand A FULL 2020 Election Forensic Audit OF ALL States!

Fellow American’s, have you had enough of the Biden Admin? Do you believe the Democrats (DNC) Stole The Presidential Election from our Fearless Leader, Donald J Trump? Between Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Crisis, and Kamala Harris’s Southern Border Disaster, and all the Wokeness that’s destroying our homeland? If so it’s time to DEMAND a FULL FORENSIC Audit of the 2020 Election. Call your local county or state election office and demand a Forensic Recount of the 2020 Election that put this old senile old loser in Donald Trump’s Seat! THEIRS NO WAY HE LEGITIMATELY WON!

2020 election forensic audit

Meet Thomas Edward Perez, the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) from February 2017 until January 2021. Perez was previously Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights (2009–2013) and United States Secretary of Labor (2013–2017). He was a GU Politics Fellow at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Perez was the lead during the 2020 Election campaign. He bailed from the DNC after Biden was elected and is running for Governor of MD.

Thomas Perez forensic 2020 election audit
Thomas Edward Perez the former chair of the DNC who bailed after Joe Biden was elected, and is running for Governor of MD.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so with that being said here are a few of interest. There’s no way I’d trust Thomas Perez. Could he be the mastermind behind the 2020 Election flipping to Joe Biden? A Forensic Audit of all states is warranted due to senile Joe Biden’s destruction of America!

Is Barack Obama running the White House and using Joe Biden as a spokesperson?
Is Barack Obama running the White House and using Joe Biden as a spokesperson? Something’s ROTTEN behind the curtain.

Reminds me of this Biden/Harris rally in Arizona that NOBODY Showed Up For! 😆

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held this campaign event in Arizona today and not a single person showed up. Talk about a big flop! The Biden-Harris campaign is disinformation, censorship by the press and social media, chaos, vote by mail fraud, violence BLM/Antifa, and back-room deals to steal the election. Seems nobody cares about corrupt Joe Biden and unlikable Kamala Harris?

Biden/Harris holds this campaign event in Arizona and the news station is shocked no supporters showed up.

And we can forget about the Republican Party (GOP) who are never going to commit Career Suicide to stand up for the people who voted them into office. I believe former VP Mike Pence could have protested the electoral college state’s vote tallies but was in no way committing career suicide in doing so. Mike’s ASS was more important than ours obviously!

We the People have had enough of this lame senile old fool!

We The People have strength in numbers, as depicted in this image!

forensic audit 2020 election
We The People have strength in numbers, as depicted in this image!

It’s really quite simple. If all of us call our local county or state election supervisor’s office and demand a full forensic audit of the 2020 Election they will be forced to do it. Call every day and be persistent. Don’t take NO for an answer. Just keep calling day after day, week after week, and month after month. Be a royal PITA and force their hand. Or as Mike Lindell said during Donald Trump’s rally in Culman AL. We have to Fix This NOW or there will be no 2022 or 2024 Elections!

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September 2, 2021 11:43 PM

How do I demand an audit?