TrustWHO Documentary Film Exposes Bill Gates and WHO Corruption

TrustWHO, the documentary film produced by Lilian Franck, reveals the clandestine influences that are controlling the World Health Organization, to the peril of public health. Bill Gates is WHO’s No. 1 funder, contributing more than $4.84 billion to WHO’s budget, more than any gov. Pharmaceutical companies influenced WHO’s 2009 pandemic declaration which experts later called swine flu a “false pandemic” that was driven by Big Pharma, which then cashed in on the health scare!

The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded with the aim of building a healthier future for everyone. It’s the body we rely on to resolve all public health crises, but can it be trusted? This powerful investigative doc uncovers an alarming picture of corruption and opacity as filmmaker Lilian Franck asks whether the organisation can be trusted.

TrustWHO has a strong allegiance to China, and its investigation into COVID-19’s origin was “fake” from the start. Given the strong and ongoing evidence that TrustWHO is heavily conflicted and controlled by industry, its usefulness needs to be seriously reevaluated!

The Defender reports: From Big Tobacco to the nuclear industry and pharmaceuticals, the industry has historically dictated TrustWHO’s global agenda and continues to do so in the present day, putting profits and power ahead of public health. In April 2020, Donald Trump suspended U.S. funding to WHO while the administration conducted a review into its “role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.” This clearly propelled the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation into the WHO’s No.1 funder slot. Upon election, President Joe Biden reversed the Trump administration decision, restoring U.S. funding to WHO.

Remembering back to the beginning when Florida shut down because of Covid-19, I remember sharing a link to an article on and was nearly immediately punished for spreading fake news. Bill Gates was suspected to be involved with the pandemic. Many articles about Bill Gates are blogged here, and this video by Millennial Millie accuratly lays it all out!

Millennial Millie Exposes Bill Gates Covid-19 Involvement

Speaking about Bill Gates, I trust him as much as I trust his Windows 10 Computer operating system, logging everything I do to his dossier on me. Remembering soon after the beginning of personal computers, a movie that came out aptly named “The Pirates of Silicon Valley” premiered in 1999. Bill Gates strolled into IBMs board room and convinced IMB their new ready-to-launch Personal Computer was worthless without Gates disk operating system (DOS). The movie shows Bill Gates strolling out of IBM’s office and going to a nearby software development company. He then bought DOS from that company. Bill Gates licensed DOS to IBM on a per-computer fee that he hadn’t yet owned. The man is a genius at marketing. I’m thinking Covid-19 was planned to be his biggest score yet. Here is a link to Pirates Of Silicone Valley the movie on IMDB. Pirates of Silicone Valley movie literally disappeared on the net when the Covid-19 pandemic was in it’s peak!

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