Did COVID-19 Vanish? Media Only Reporting Riots & Looting!

What happened to COVID-19 AKA the CoronaVirus? Did the pandemic mysteriously vanish into thin air? It must have vamoosed because all the media is talking about is Riots and Looting! Doom and gloom since George Floyd was murdered. Rioters and Looters are NOT Social Distancing! ?

First thing in the morning I tune into Fox & Friends. Nothing but non-stop coverage of the riots and looting stealing! Tucker Carlson last night was mostly all about the riots and stealing. Sean Hannity pretty much was the same thing. ENOUGH is ENOUGH of that crap. I wanna hear about ObamaGate, and Mr. Super Patriot James Comey and his deep state sewer rats are headed to Gitmo.

covid-19 vanishes riots looting take center stage

Y’all are giving CRIMINALS FREE PUBLICITY being Televised Burning NYC To The Ground! ?

No COVID-19 in sight as mayor Bill de Blasio idiotically says we’re New Yorkers and don’t need president Trump’s help. Translation, like all Democrats, politics are the game here. Can’t give Donald Trump any credit for helping to save NYC from sure destruction by Antifa Terrorists!

We do not need the National Guard to come into New York City. When outside armed forces come into communities, especially these intense situations they have not been trained for, that’s a dangerous scenario. We have 36,000 police officers who will keep this city safe.

NY Rep. Eliot Engel, the 16-term Democratic congressman who was largely missing in action as his Bronx district was ravaged by the coronavirus , returned on Tuesday — only to declare he didn’t really care about the looting rocking his constituents. The Bronx-Westchester lawmaker, 73, was at a press conference with local leaders and elected officials when he asked Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. if he could make some remarks at the microphone.

When Diaz Jr. said there were too many people on the list, Engel mumbled through his face mask: “If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care.” “What was that?” Diaz Jr. asked him, according to the audio captured on a News 12 live feed of the event and shared on Twitter by NY1 reporter Emily Ngo.

Hannity: Will our leaders seek justice for victims of mob violence?

So I started writing this post yesterday 06/03/20 and finishing this morning 06/04/20. Flip on Fox & Friends and so far all they have talked is the Riots and Looting. Guess I’ll stick it out a few minutes more, then will end up turning the TV OFF just like yesterday. Doom and Gloom!

Meanwhile the Facebook fact-check police are wreaking havoc on conservatives and Trump supporters. But are not fact-checking the fake news posts and comments. A double standard as the new Third Reich shadobans vocal Trump supporters. Mark Zuckerberg agreed that Twitter was wrong nitpicking president Trump’s tweets, yet he is doing the same thing. Facebook is opening themselves up for lawsuits since their ‘liability shield’ was also yanked by Donald Trump!

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June 4, 2020 9:28 PM

Media is only interested in generating revenue. They’ll hype anything to make a buck!