China’s Hypersonic Missile Can Park In Orbit, Warns Space Force Official

Well Well, while Joe’s Woke Generals are scouring their military ranks looking for white supremacy and other stuff that’s not related to winning wars. China has been developing a hypersonic missile, referred to as a vehicle. It was test-fired last month shocking U.S. officials. However, a Space Force official is now saying this vehicle can hover, and stay in orbit for an extended period of time!

ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell on the Chinese Communist Party rushing to build up their nuclear arsenal while taking advantage of President Biden. Video credit, ACLJ/YouTube

Interesting Engineering reports: A United States Space Force officer, Lieutenant General Chance Saltzman , the Deputy Chief of Space Operations for Operations, Cyber, and Nuclear, said that China’s much-anticipated new hypersonic weapon system is an orbital device and it can be able to stay in space for an extended period of time. At an online event hosted by the Air Force Association’s Mitchell Institute, Saltzman made some statements about China’s suborbital hypersonic glider. He said that the words used about the vehicle are important in order to understand what the discussion is about. 

The term hypersonic defines speeds above Mach 5, five times the speed of sound. Suborbital defines objects that can reach space but do not enter the orbit around the Earth. Saltzman said, “This is a categorically different system because a fractional orbit is different than suborbital. A fractional orbit means it can stay on orbit as long as the user determines and then it de-orbits it as a part of the flight path.” A fractional orbit has been defined by the U.S. Intelligence as objects that reach the orbit and come back to Earth before circling the planet. The common definition of Fractional Orbital Bombardment Systems (FOBS) , which China’s vehicle presents an example of, defines objects that can do complete or more revolutions around the globe. Saltzman suggests that the Chinese system is designed to spend some time in space.

Space News reports: China’s reported tests of a hypersonic orbital glide vehicle have sparked alarm in the U.S. as it could further fuel an escalating arms race. The Chinese government said this week that these were routine space test missions , not a demonstration of a new military weapon. One way or the other, experts said, these tests show China’s notable advances in reusable space technology. To be sure, a space vehicle that orbits the Earth, reenters the atmosphere at hypersonic speed, and glides to its intended target area is not new technology, said Robert Bakos, principal and co-owner of Innoveering, a company that specializes in propulsion technology used in hypersonic vehicles.“The U.S. had the Space Shuttle and we have the X-37B spaceplane which can be deemed a hypersonic system because when it returns from space, it’s going very high speeds,” he said. 

hypersonic missile
Artist rendering of China’s hypersonic missile on mobile launching vehicles. Image credit, RexShutterstock.

What appears to be new is the Chinese vehicle’s capability to maneuver after reentry in ways that have not been seen before, Bakos said, adding that he has no direct knowledge of what exactly the Chinese tested and his comments are based on what was publicly reported. If one is to believe the Chinese government’s explanation that this was just a reusable space vehicle technology demonstration, “in and of itself that would be a very significant demonstration, not trivial by any means,” Bakos said. If China’s hypersonic missile after reentering “maneuvered in some way that a typical space vehicle does not, that would be alarming.” But he cautioned that whether or not this was a weapon or a nuclear-warhead delivery system being tested is impossible to know without seeing the test data. “If you see a vehicle make a hard left turn at high speed, that’s pretty interesting because it’s hard to do that with a typical space vehicle,” Bakos said. “They’re not designed aerodynamically to have that capability.”

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Ron Mailloux
Ron Mailloux
December 3, 2021 9:10 AM

Same story different day. Scare the people with bogey man new weapon system all to raise defense spending and your TAXES!

December 2, 2021 11:20 PM

part of the lessons we’ve learned is to never give up the high ground. we are not and will not. all of this is theater, and disinformation.

December 2, 2021 10:46 AM

Why Is China threatening the U.S. since we are their biggest customer buying all that cheap junk? It could be just a diabolical game with them since we have practically disarmed ourselves with our “woke” military leaders.

December 2, 2021 9:45 AM

That’s what space weapons do, they park in orbit. Now the U.S. will have to demonstrate an equal capability.
‘Infrastructure’ money should mostly go into national defense.