Enough Is Enough, Chicago Lamborghini Dealer On Smash & Grab Heist!

Enough Is Enough says Joe Petito, owner of Gold Coast Auto Gallery in Chicago’s pricey Near North Side neighborhood. On Saturday, two people came to rob this showroom for Lamborghinis and Bentleys. One stayed by the door with a gun. The other used a hammer to smash a display case and grabbed a million dollars worth of watches. It’s inexcusable that Lori Lightfoot and Kim Fox give criminals like these a pass! Ten customers including children were in the showroom at the time.

enough is enough
As Joe Petitosays, Enough Is Enough. Vote RED in 2022-2024 Take Back Your Homeland! Image credit, ABC7 Chicago.

Fox 32 Chicago reports: He was smart enough not to raise the gun because my people had guns, said dealership owner Joe Petito. If he raised that gun, he would have been shot, we’d probably be in court defending ourselves. In less than 20 seconds, eight luxury watches are stolen. In Lori Litefoot’s Chicago, it’s okay to use a gun in a felony/robbery as long as it’s not pointed at someone. 😥

Another day, another brazen robbery at a business in Chicago’s pricey Near North Side neighborhood. This time, the target was the Gold Coast Auto Gallery, Million Dollars of High-end Watches Stolen! Video credit, Fox32/YouTube.

And it’s not only Chicago where crime is out of control. NYC outgoing Mayor Bill De Blasio brags that NYC is safer than when he took office! Fox & Friends just reported 5 criminals were arrested for Pickpocketing last night at Rockefeller Center. They all had lengthy criminal records and will be released on no-bail to pickpocket more New Yorkers pockets. As Joe Petito said, Enough is Enough!

Police Arrest 5 Pickpockets Targeting People In Rockefeller Center. Video credit, CBS New Your/YouTube.

New York Post reports: He’s the Grinch who stole your wallet. A serial pickpocket with more than 30 busts under his belt was pinched again last week while targeting unsuspecting tourists at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, only to be dumped back on the street the next day, law enforcement sources and authorities told The Post. Gary Teasley, 65 who has been known to wear snazzy outfits, including a long dark fur coat and fashionable hat, during his alleged crimes. He is so familiar to cops that they’re on a first-name basis, a source said. Teasley is such an illicit pro that he also used to keep a storage locker with stolen wallets and other goods, and a detailed record of the heists, broken down by location and category, sources said. 

enough is enough
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Gary Teasley serial pickpockets favorite holiday hangout. Image credit, NYP.

We caught him red-handed, a source said. We called him by his first name. We said, ‘Hey, Gary, don’t give us a hard time.’  We’ve arrested this guy so many times, we’re on a first-name basis. He knows the deal, he was saying, desk appearance ticket, the whole bail-reform thing. He’s a very sharp guy, $1,000 suits, skilled at his craft, the source said. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Teasley was hauled into court Saturday on charges of fourth-degree attempted grand larceny and jostling. He was released without bail. Prosecutors had asked that he be released but with supervised restrictions, a rep for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said Sunday. The judge denied the request.

Have you had enough? All this major crime is happening in Democrat Governed States/Cities. Joe Biden and his comrades love this kind of chaos as they divide us all more and more every day. I live in Florida and folks are defecting from Democrat states/cities. They’ve had enough of the lawlessness, high taxes, and crime that’s out of control. Florida is a Law And Order State headed by Governor Ron DeSantis and the new home of Potus45 Donald Trump who told Bill De Blasio to shove NYC where the sun doesn’t shine! Come experience the good life in the Sunshine State!! 😎

I'm a 71yo Florida-born good ole southern boy who operates the longest-running Wildcat-5 fidonet network computer bulletin board system in America. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as an Internet hobbyist and maintain a large political archive. If you find this information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible! 🙏

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