AOC & Joy Reid Cruely Attack Ron DeSantis Whose Wife Has Cancer

AOC & Joy Reid among other sewer rat liberal haters have been running their mouths attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for being “missing” during a surge in COVID cases in Florida. DeSantis has been caring for his wife Casey who is undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. 🙏 Regardless Florida’s Best Governor and his team have been taking care of business outside of public view!

Sen. Rick Scott, R-FL, rips Democrats criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s COVID hypocrisy as she spends the holidays in the Sunshine State. Video credit, FoxNews/YouTube.

It’s sad that AOC and Joy Reid were running their mouths about DeSantis while he was caring for his wife. Cancer is a horrible disease, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, even if I had one. I pray that Casey DeSantis makes a full recovery soon. I also pray for Ron DeSantis and his family who are enduring this personal crisis in their lives. Stay strong and don’t let the sewer 🐀 get ya down!

AOC & Joy Reid
Disgusting Troll AOC frolics maskless in Florida on vacation and bashes Gov. Ron DeSantis whose wife has cancer!

BizPac Review reports: For the first time in two weeks, DeSantis made an appearance, making no apologies for staying with his wife Casey while she undergoes cancer treatment, a fact that Ocasio-Cortez and other leftists deliberately overlooked. DeSantis attended a Miami faith event in Florida on New Year’s Eve with his wife Casey who is bravely battling breast cancer. While there, he was awarded the Defender of Freedom award. In turn, the governor vowed to “protect the right to worship and won’t let anyone shut you down.

Most of the clowns in the liberal media are scumbags anyway but Joy Reid is a special kind of disgusting!

It’s Great Living AND Working in Florida! And it’s getting even better in the Sunshine State thanks to our Governor Ron DeSantis. With ROGUE President Biden threatening America’s Police Officers who will be fired if they don’t get his mandated jab, Florida welcomes those Good Cops with open arms. DeSantis is making his offer even better. As soon as his legislature passes it, a $5,000 signing bonus will be available to qualifying out-of-work police officers who relocate to Florida!

Ron DeSantis discusses the Biden Admins failure to provide monoclonal antibody treatments to Florida.

Florida’s Ports are open 24/7, 365 days per year, and are ready to partner with your cargo to be smoothly offloaded and sent on its way to its destination. Let’s face it, practically everything in California is mucked-up, and their ports are no exception. From high taxes to homeless people sleeping on the streets, California is a leftist dream. Thank GOD For Florida, the Sunshine State!

Florida Ports
Containers are loaded onto trucks at port Jacksonville Florida. Image credit, MarineLink.

Florida is a Law And Order State and as a Tampa Bay Area lifelong resident I’m thankful Ron DeSantis is my Governor. It’s well-known fact among Floridians that folks are leaving communist-like Democratic states and are moving to FL, Texas, and Arizona in droves. In fact, Florida property values have skyrocketed since Donald Trump was our 45th President. For the best experience moving to Florida leave your baggage behind. One NY liberal I met just couldn’t let it go. 😥

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