Peoples Convoy 2022 Abandoned By Mainstream Media DC Beltway Tour

Peoples Convoy 2022 has been mostly abandoned by mainstream, media that’s pounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into their viewer’s brains. Last night on Fox News show Dan Bongino Unfiltered, Dan really turned me off by not mentioning a peep about this history-making America first event. The convoy group is very well organized and professionally funded is making two loops of the D.C. Beltway today. There’s talk about more Beltway loops tomorrow and a select group of drivers will visit the capital area, possibly tomorrow. Take the time to watch this video I screenshot this morning.

peoples convoy 2022
Lady takes a selfie next to a Donald Trump cutout at the Hagerstown Speedway. Image credit, Peoples News.

This is representing all Americans who love their homeland and love it like it was before the current administration took over. I’m a formerly used car dealer and ASE-certified mechanic born in 1952. Over the years I’ve seen my country go to hell. Donald Trump brought America I love back from the brink of destruction. He truly Made America Great Again as our country climbed out of the rut it was in and was respected worldwide. Russia probably wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still president!

Reuters reports: The so-called Peoples Convoy 2022, which originated in California and has drawn participants from around the country, is calling for an end to all pandemic-related restrictions. It was inspired by demonstrations last month that paralyzed Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Hundreds of vehicles gathered on Friday and Saturday at the Hagerstown Speedway, a racetrack in Maryland about 80 miles (129 km) northwest of downtown Washington. On Sunday morning, many left in convoy to drive slow laps on the Beltway, a highway that encircles the city. They honked their horns as they set off, while onlookers waved American flags. The convoy, more than 2 miles long, was slowing traffic at points along the Beltway by late Sunday morning, but not bringing it to a standstill.

As I said above literally nobody in the media is talking about the Peoples Convoy 2022. Now that Reuters is reporting on it others may follow suit. Surely the local TV stations with helicopters are shooting footage of the convoy circling the D.C. Beltway AKA I-495. This convoy is driving slower than normal as they circle the beltway but are not blocking traffic or otherwise breaking the law.

Here is a playlist of The Peoples Convoy videos sorted by the latest added first. In this blog post from 03/04/22, there are several videos that were previously live-streamed. Many are from the lead driver SASNAK (Kansas spelled backward) driving along the way. Also lots of good photos and info links!

Playlist of videos related to the Peoples Convoy 2022 – sorted by added latest first.

Facebook shut down this popular Convoy to DC page/group with 137,000 subscribers earlier this month. The group’s Facebook members did nothing illegal and were exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest vaccine mandates. The convoy to DC was modeled after the massive Canadian convoy protesting Justin Trudeau’s vaccine and other unfair mandates! 🙁

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