WordPress High-Performance Speed Tips From The Good Internet Doctor

WordPress HIGH-Performance is a must these days whether you’re an independent blogger like me or running a Political or Corporate website. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers around sixty percent of the web worldwide. It’s well supported and has an array of plugins that make optimizing it a cinch for site owners and webmasters like me who have tweaked its performance to the max. This tutorial covers CloudFlare content delivery network (CDN) and automatic platform optimization (APO) and S3 lazy load and language GTranslate plugin tweaks.

wordpress high-performance
Speed and content loading test on this WordPress site on GtMetrix.com. Image credit, GTM screen capture.

This website’s blog is running WordPress under CloudFlare content delivery network (CDN) and is further tweaked by their automatic platform optimization plugin (APO) for WordPress. Its cost is $5 on the free plan and is included with the $20 pro plan. In a nutshell, APO caches everything in your WordPress installation and pushes it out of their global content delivery network. APO caches your javascript and third-party resources such as theme Google fonts, embedded videos, and tweets. The CDN is worth its weight in gold to deliver your content globally from their nearest node. This reduces internet hops speeding your WordPress high-performance content anyone worldwide. Here’s a narrated video tour of how doc’s fidosyop archive is set up., and the plugins it’s running.

Webmasters and site owners that want to increase their WordPress speed and save on server resources should check out this narrated screen video tutorial. I also explain the benefits of the GTransalate language translation plugin to go worldwide in search indexes increasing site traffic! I’m dyslectic so excuse the poor speech. Video credit, FidoSysop.

Another very important for WordPress high-performance is A3 Lazy Load which optimizes your images and scripts loading. Normally all your sites posts and pages images and iframes all load at once. This slows the page load taking more time for it to load. The whole idea is to lazy-load images and iframes when the site visitor scrolls the page. A3 Lazy Load is the best plugin I’ve found yet for this task.

wordpress high-performance
A3 Lazy Load for WordPress image and iFrames settings, Image credit, FidoSysop.

Since we’re running under CloudFlare and utilizing their global content delivery network, it makes sense to deliver this site’s content to anybody in their language worldwide. To accomplish this easily I’m using the GTranslate language translation plugin. It’s a free plugin but the free version does not cache the translations on their site in France. The plan I’m subscribed to costs $19.95 a month and is a bargain. It’s a better translation and as their bot crawls and translates your posts, pages, and tags, they are cached in their end and pushed out as needed. Add this to CloudFlare’s Automatic Platform Optimization it’s an unbeatable combination.

wordpress high-performance
WordPress language translation

This site’s total cost monthly is less than $100 including its self administrated (SAS) leased server from Vultr Holdings which is an excellent web host. If you are able to set up your own instance this Vultr web host is high quality and the price can’t be beaten. If you have questions or need advice comment below or contact me. My advice has always been free and still is! 😎

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