The Cold Hard Truth About Truth Social And A Much Better Alternative

The Cold Hard TRUTH about Truth Social, Donald Trump’s NEW social media website, which does not even have www access! Devin Nunes crowed about how popular truth social was, claiming it gets more engagement than Twitter. He said to download the app from the app store but not until nearly the end of the interview did he admit the Truth app was only available on the Apple app store. Google has not released Truth’s Android app to the play store yet, and it’s a good bet they will never do so, especially since Donald Trump plans on using Truth Social exclusively to reach his supporters! 😥

Truth About Truth Social
Donald Trump plans on using his Truth Social Media website exclusively next week. Image credit, Fox News.

Update 05/15/22: Last night Donald Trump posted the below truth about Fox News lacking coverage of the 2000 Mules movie that used true the vote factual cellphone ping data proving that Trump Won the 2020 Election. I replied with the title of this post and its URL and tapped the post button. When the page reloaded my post was gone. Obviously deleted by TMTG’s leftist security. They’ve probably blocked this domain because of my truthful opinion about truth social media. 😥

truth about truth social
Post by Donald Trump on TMTG truth social blasting fox news. Image credit, truth-screenshot.

Why do the admins not return messages or answer truths that are commented on by their members? Seems they are developing a web app of some sort (I’m thinking the www access) which shouldn’t be an app that’s controlled by Apple and Google but instead coding the HTML to be mobile-friendly. But according to this truth that was posted by @truthsocial requested members to create a new account to test the app out. I also offered my expertise since first going online in 1991 via the Fidonet network with a 2400 baud modem. Since those early bbs days , before the www was rolled out to the public, I’ve studied how the internet worked and amassed a vast amount of knowledge and webmaster talent that’s not taught elsewhere. My WordPress, CloudFlare, and SEO knowledge are second to none! 😎

Screen captured truths from Donald Trump’s new social media website, Image credit, Truth Social.

Fidonet BBS Telnet Tour Video. See how we connected by dial-up modem to send messages worldwide before the net went public. Take a trip back in time to see how we communicated long before the internet became mainstream. Back to the days when we thought 56k Modems were FAST!

Update 05/02/22: Donald’s cyber albatross is censoring right side broadcasting who shared a short video clip from last night’s Nebraska Save America Rally. It’s painfully obvious the AI Truth is hooked into that filters its posted truths is leftist operated. If it were a used car it’d be a cyber lemon!

Update 05/01/22: There’s an old saying in the stock market often used by short traders called pump and dump where a stock is pumped up by announcements and news that’s hyped online. I’m not too knowledgeable in securities but for chitts and giggles yesterday afternoon I ran a search query on DucKDuckGo for Truth Social Stock, and the queried results were quite interesting. The NYP reported on 04/25/22: that Trump’s Truth Social stock hammered as Elon Musk cuts a Twitter deal, ouch! And another NYP article on 04/30/22: With Elon Musk’s Twitter bid, short-sellers eye Trump’s Truth Social. Which explains the shares being pumped by several popular personalities, one who could possibly have an investment in Donald Trump’s iOS app-specific white albatross non-website, website. 😎

Dan, how is truth social not a failure when it does not support Android devices nor www access? Android has 72% of the world’s smartphone market. And stats are easily manipulated via MySQL database. Video credit, Bongenio/Rumble

Further searching the keyphrase Truth Social Stock brought up this article by MarketWatch on 04/28/22: Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp., the special purpose acquisition company that is buying the company behind Donald Trump’s Truth Social, soared in after-hours trading Thursday after Trump posted a message on the platform for the first time in months. “I’M BACK! #COVFEFE,” Trump posted on Truth Social on Thursday afternoon, with a photo of himself at his Mar-a-Lago estate. “Covfefe” was one of Trump’s more infamous Twitter typos, which grew into a meme of its own.

Shares of DWAC, +9.01% initially shot more than 25% higher late Thursday after Trump’s post, which suggested the former president may be more active on the fledgling social network, though gains settled to 15% by the end of the extended session. That was after the stock closed the regular trading day up about 8%, at $48.06. In October, DWAC announced it would buy Trump Media & Technology Group , owner of Truth Social, which aims to be a competitor of Twitter Inc. The platform debuted in February but has been plagued by technological glitches and low user numbers . A search of app popularity showed Android has 72% of the users whereas iOS and Windows have 27%. 🙄

My two cent’s worth on Trump’s Truth Social the only non website accessable website in the world. Pump And Dump Y’all!

I’m being highly critical about Truth Social from a webmaster’s perspective, just writing my opinion, and suggestions as I see the situation. There’s an old saying, nothing hurts worse than the truth. Truth social is running a Twitter open-source clone called Mastodon . Sorry, oh mighty fearless leader, I’m not impressed after exploring truths offerings. From what I could tell it has no groups but Gab has mastered that . Twitter doesn’t have groups either but has a neat feature called Spaces where people can join an audio chat. Possibly Truth could add Twitter’s Spaces feature, and adding personal messaging is also most important, which when tapping the messages icon says It’s in the works.

Donald Trump declared that even if his Twitter account was restored he will not return. Video credit, Hannity/Rumble

Business Insider posted this lengthy well-worded review on 04/02/22: After being kicked off Twitter , Facebook, and YouTube early in 2021, former President Donald Trump pledged to launch his own social media platform. About 13 months later, on February 21, 2022, he did just that with the launch of Truth Social. I downloaded the Truth Social app on launch day and created an account only to be told I’d been put on a waitlist in spot 157,120. Three weeks later, on March 14, I was finally allowed to use the app. And I found, Truth was like a conservative ghost town that had been overrun by bots.

truth about truth social
A snippet of a typical Gab post. True uncompromised free speech not dictated by big tech apps. Image credit, Gab screenshot.

Truth is infested with spam. Too many follow these accounts’ posts that have been retruthed multiple times. Despite hooking into Rumble’s cloud new truths are not loading despite tapping the feed icon multiple times. This morning on my feed the same truths I viewed last night were in the same place saying they were posted xx minutes ago. Gab solved that problem with a popup to tap that reloads the feed when new Gabs are available. That accomplishes two things. Prevents a timed reload of the feed that will drop anyone’s post or comment in progress. Saves server resources by only reloading the user’s feed when requested. Brilliant engineering by a programming team that really gets it!

Lots of media personalities are pumping truth social up including the big guy Devin Nunes. Credit, Mike Sington.

I could go on and on, especially since I doubt Google will ever authorize the Truth Socials Android app. If they do release the truth app to the play store, chances are Google will find something posted and claim it violates their terms of service, Just as they did to Gab and Parler. Maybe Nunes could hire Gab CEO Andrew Torba to code truth’s www access to be mobile-friendly and work flawlessly with a mobile web browser. Apps are not needed to access a properly coded service via a mobile browser. And speaking about privacy, apps gather lots of the user’s information, location microphone, etc.

truth about truth social
Another news feed post from Gab. Andrew Torba is Gab’s CEO and founder . Image credit, Gab screenshot.

In closing, I really like Gab and contributed $99 to become a pro member. But I’m thinking our fearless leader and his spokesperson Devin Nunes have no clue what a bucket of bolts they have within Truth Social as it is now. Why not install a WordPress Blog in a subdomain? How about a set of forums with personal messaging members could join? Truth has been in development for some time. It was hyped to be fully open by President’s day but lacked www access and an Android app. Maybe it’s time to dump the current development team and hire someone who gets it. The right developer/programmer could make the winning difference giving the big boys (Facebook & Twitter) a run for the money! 😎

Timcast crew joins the founder and CEO of Gab, Andrew Torba to discuss the benefits of Gab as opposed to big tech platforms.
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Save America
Save America
April 28, 2022 2:57 PM

Who else creates a website without the web and depends on third party apps?

Dan Feinberg
Dan Feinberg
May 15, 2022 3:36 PM
Reply to  Save America

I agree, I will never depend on Apple for anything and am certainly not going to depend on them to get to a social media site. I am waiting until I can get in by just using a www address which looks like it will never happen.

April 27, 2022 5:07 PM

One obstacle for Truth Social is that the near totality of worthwhile coders are leftists. Assuming TS hired these folks to build the app (because you can’t avoid them), they’re probably slow-rolling and sabotaging from within. Because “it’s the right thing to do, man.”

Best bet? Get off of all social media. It is a chaotic land from which nothing worthwhile will ever emerge.

Last edited 9 months ago by Marbran
April 27, 2022 11:39 AM

Its early yet, it took years for its competitors to have all the features you are looking for