Barack Obama Turns John Lewis Eulogy Into Democratic Political Stunt

Barack Obama yesterday made a mockery of Congressman John Lewis Eulogy. Obama who might yet be charged with spying on the Trump campaign, only thought about politics. How low can a human being go? No respect and no shame Obama dishonoring the memory of John Lewis! ?

Sean Hannity said Thursday that former President Barack Obama’s funeral eulogy for the late Congressman John Lewis was a “divisive, politically charged, and frankly, at times, mean-spirited speech filled with statements not based in truth or reality.”

Barack Obama eulogized late civil rights legend John Lewis on Thursday with a powerful call to action. “If you want to honor John, let’s honor him by revitalizing the law that he was willing to die for,” Obama said, referring to the Voting Rights Act.

In his remarks, Obama recalled on Lewis’s storied efforts as a leader of the civil rights movement while issuing a political call to action. “Today, we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of Black Americans,” Obama said. “George Wallace may be gone, but we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.”

Tweet reply from @ginajpate. I didn’t know a eulogy was a list of political demands. I thought it was a tribute to the life of the person who died. I thought political demands were made at a political rally. I guess that what this was.

We may no longer have to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar in order to cast a ballot, but even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive ID laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the Postal Service in the run-up to an election that’s going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick.

Barack Obama speech John Lewis eulogy

Meanwhile as the DNC lobbyist media partners echoed Obama’s words, not one mentioned the death of Bernell Trammell , a black president Trump supporter and senior citizen. Trammell was gunned down in Milwaukee on 07/24/20. His black life apparently meant nothing to ‘black lives matter’, because he was a Trump supporter. How sick and disrespectful is that? 😥

Reply from @vonbrauckmann. Heartbreaking. The Left & their voices in the media don’t really care about anybody; they’ll do anything & use anybody to advance their hate filled agenda. Remember this in 94 days and vote republican full ballot!

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