What Will Become Of Social Media Since The Election Was Rigged

Since Social Media played a big part in America going to hell after Facebook and Twitter rigged the 2020 election, do we really need social media controlling our lives? It’s all about controlling the masses and spying on our everyday lives, and manipulating what we are allowed to consume. In my humble opinion, big tech has made it all too easy to share our lives with friends and family, but have they gone too far? Android devices listen to our conversations and spam our social acts with conversation-relevant ads.

As an independent blogger, I operate this site to voice my opinion and most of the time call it just like I see it, without no sugarcoating or beating around the bush. But being a Republican and Trump supporter I’m viewed as public enemy number one by big tech. Facebook shadowbans articles I blog and share on my page . Twitter is no better . I can comment on other’s tweets and quote retweets but it’s rare if I get a like or a comment. It’s all about control of the masses and I guess my opinion makes me a big target.

Google is the master social manipulator and in my opinion, is a serious threat to our country. It’s rare that any of this site’s content can be found in their index. Even if searching a full post or archive title nothing comes up. Once again it’s about control. After Donald Trump won the election in 2016 it shocked Google who reversed engineered their algorithm to rate negative Trump material giving it a top priority. And on the flip side bury anything Trump positive so deep it will take a bot to find. That’s bad business! 😡

Yesterday after observing my average position of 39.8 on Google’s index I did something drastic. It was time to pull the plug on Google. The first Gservice to go was the site’s language translation. I removed the G|Translate plugin and htaccess 302 redirected any sub-directories back to the site’s English default. Next was to .htaccess block the Googlebot. Taking it one step further to stop the big G from hammering my site to the tune of 150,000+ requests daily I blocked AS15169 in my CloudFlare firewall. SeeYa Assholes! 😎

I’m not sure of this site’s future. As a hobbyist, I’ve gotten exceptionally good with SEO and keyword research and managed to hit my target. But with the content, this website blogs the big tech control slaps me in the face. Bing used to be fair but recently my index is slimming. Searching for a recently published article an hour or two later used to show up in Bing’s index. But the next day those familiar removed words show up. There’s no doubt the election was rigged and the Biden Admin ordered content removed.

In closing, I’m no fan of the GOP and wouldn’t give them a dime. Support your candidates directly bypassing the GOP. The Republicans have not grown even the slightest pair since the Biden Admin started tearing our country apart with their wokeism and lawlessness. We must take the House and Senate. Ditch Mitch McConnell. And next year form serious comities to investigate all the crap the DNC has been pulling. The GOP should grow a pair and investigate the China virus Covid origin.

As for Joe Biden’s continued DOJ-FBI Witch Hunt on Donald Trump, it’s a bunch of liberal wingnuts bullshit. Our fearless leader declassified the RussiaGate docs before leaving his presidency. Democrats are scared shitless that he will win in 2024 and that’s what the FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago is all about. A continuation of the same shit they did back when Trump was president, just a different day!

Corrupt FBI & DOJ witch hunt! The NYT deserves a special three-fingered salute up their ass!

Yes, the 2020 Presidential Election Was Rigged. We know that’s a fact thanks to Mark Zuckerberg who must have had a really guilty conscience to spill his guts as he did. Guess we’ll have to sit back and watch what develops. Personally, I feel we’re heading for a civil war kind of situation. The American people will not tolerate this leftist totalitarian behavior much longer!

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