Mike Lindell Is Suing The U.S. Federal Government And The FBI

Mike Lindell is suing the Federal Government and the FBI because his phone was seized as part of a grand jury investigation into Colorado election meddling. Lindell told conservative podcaster, Steve Bannon, online in the war room live stream that he was employing the best lawyers in the country, including Alan Dershowitz. What can we do with the seizure of my phone and this FBI corruption? We are suing and you’re hearing it here first, everybody we’re suing the United States government and the FBI!

Mike Lindell Announces Lawsuit Against US Government and FBI for Violating His Rights. Video credit, WarRoom/Rumble

My pillow executive Mike Lindell contended that his constitutional rights had been violated. My First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment rights were broken, he said. We’re not going to put up with this. We’re not going to be the Gestapo like in Nazi Germany. Take the phone away of a private citizen, their company phone! And their hearing aids, everything else. Everything I had was on that phone! All these businesses. MyPillow, MyStore, FrankSpeech, passwords to be able to do money wires that I can’t do right now.

The Post Millennial reports: I was on the phone with these attorneys, I said ‘no, I want to sue.’ We have all the lawyers on the phone, they looked at all these statutes, and we are going to go to places that no man has gone before. This will set a precedent. This has to stop, Lindell continued. Nobody gets to bash peoples’ doors down and you get forty seconds to answer your door. Nobody gets to corner and take a phone away of a private citizen, their company’s phone, their hearing aids, and everything else.

Mike Lindell Is Suing
The FBI is welcomed into the tyrants club. Image credit, Ben Garrison cartoons .

Bannon told Lindell that he was proud of him for his actions, and told him that the FBI of their childhood no longer exists. Mike Mike Lindell is suing on offense, said Bannon. He’s not going to sit there because they’re coming for you. Lindell, tell me one more time, you got Dershowitz, what are you doing specifically about the FBI and these kick-down-the-door raids? We had all the lawyers for over two hours, and they might even still be on the phone, Lindell said, I want this done now.’ All the lawyers were in agreement, we are going to set a precedent, Lindell responded. This has got to stop, and we’re going to stop it! 😉

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