Trump Save America MAGA INC Rally 09/23/22 Wilmington NC

Here is the full instant replay of Donald Trump’s Save America MAGA INC Rally from Wilmington NC for your enjoyment. Our fearless leader urged the Charlotte NC Rally Attendees to get out and vote RED in this year’s midterm elections. It’s critically important to vote and take a few of your friends with you. We have to have a massive landslide where no matter how much the Democrats try to cheat their efforts to rig this year’s midterm election will be thwarted. Vote with your Countries ❤ In Mind!

Potus45 Donald Trump, MAGA INC Rally in Wilmington, NC on Friday, 09/23/22 at 7:00PM EDT. Video credit, DJT/Rumble

WECT-6 Reports: With less than seven weeks to go before the 2022 mid-term elections, former President Donald Trump came to Wilmington on Friday, rallying support for candidates he has endorsed in North Carolina’s biggest political races. The former president started his address at the Aero Center at Wilmington International Airport by praising Congressman Ted Budd, the republican nominee in the state’s U.S. Senate race. “Seven weeks from now, the people from North Carolina are going to vote to fire the radical left democrats and are going to send the great Ted Budd to the U.S. Senate,” former President Trump said at the Save America MAGA INC Rally. “You are going to elect an incredible slate of true American-first republicans up and down the ballot.” We must take America back before it’s gone!

The 45th president often criticized the current administration, while also saying candidates he supports in this year’s mid-term elections would make a difference in Congress. We’re on a mission to rescue the America we love and restore the republic to greatness, former President Trump said. “We’re not going to fail.” Supporters had driven in from Virginia, Georgia, and even Texas to hear the former potus45’s speech in NC this year. He ended the approximately 90-minute speech by coining his familiar message. “We will make America great again!,” President Trump said to a standing ovation. “Thank you, North Carolina!” Guest speakers at the event included Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, Seventh District Rep. David Rouzer, republican House candidate Bo Hines and N.C. Republican Party Chairman Michael Whatley.

Save America MAGA INC Rally
Commitment To The American Voter by House Republicans for the American People. Image credit, GOP

Also of great importance since you’re on this article. Check out yesterday’s House Republicans Announce their commitment to the American Voter. The most significant majority of Americans believe their country is heading down the wrong path under Democratic leadership and it’s past due time for a changing of the guard. View the contents of the Republican’s commitment and live speech replay in this article.

Save America MAGA INC Rally

Also, while you’re here check out my HUGE collection of Trump Rally Instant Replays and other speeches dating back to Donald’s initial campaign where the MAGA movement was born!

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