Too Many Democratic Haters In The House Of Representatives

It’s past due time to clean out the Democratic House Of Representatives. They are playing games with loyal American workers and small businesses. Making them beg beg and beg for President Trump’s economic stimulus package. It’s just more bullshit from Pelosi, Schumer, and Cohorts.

DailyCaller Reports : Nancy Pelosi poked at CNBC’s viewership after host Jim Cramer asked her to speak to the ‘150 million people’ who are worried about their future because of the coronavirus!

Jim Cramer asked Pelosi during “Squawk on the Street” about the coronavirus stimulus bill, which Congress has been unable to advance for two days straight. He pressed Pelosi on why the bill has not been passed. He asked if Pelosi could respond to the “150 million working people right now who are watching and listening” who were wondering if “they have a job on Friday.”

House of Representatives Democrats have resisted voting for the bill, which failed to pass both Sunday and Monday. The phase-three Senate bill would give $1,200 to every American who makes under $75,000 annually. Couples would receive $2,400 and every child would get $500. Nancy Pelosi announced Sunday that she would halt negotiations with the Senate and push her own coronavirus package bill in the House.

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy delivered a fiery speech Monday bashing Democrats for blocking the coronavirus stimulus aid package. The Senate did not pass a procedural closure vote on phase-three of the stimulus bill Sunday. Some Democrats have voiced issues with the bill and indicated they will halt negotiations, which would cause a delay in proceedings.

There is only one solution to clean up this inherited Barack Obama mess. Vote every one of them OUT ASAP! Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler and don’t for get Adam Schiff (add others here) that all need to go. This is OUR Country and these scumbags are NOT Working for America! 😡

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