My Google TV From HELL Thanksgiving Experience!

I ordered a Roku TV but instead received this TCR Google TV that just displays the Google logo and a QR code. The screen displays are saying set up with the Google HOME App. Well, it’s not that simple. I would think this method would be easy, but it was not. Scanning the QRC just brings up a list of search links. From what I’ve learned it requires setting up an account with the TV manufacturer TCL and then somehow signing into my Google account and giving them control of my iPhone!

Can’t get any channels on my new Google TV from hell. Just scan this qr code and walla, not true!

Oh well, just a quick Thanksgiving Day mini-rant. I was planning on watching the pro-Palestine activists shut down Macy’s parade. Got a few mini clips on Elon Musk’s rebranded Twitter called simply X. New York’s finest cops dragging these young brainwashed people off to Jail. It’s the results folks get when sending their children off to leftist-funded colleges (indoctrination camps for the rich and shameless!)

Pro-Palestine protesters dragged away after disrupting Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

ABC News 13 Reports: About 30 protesters were protesting along the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when a handful ran into the street and apparently glued themselves to the street. NEW YORK CITY — It wasn’t just the floats that caught the crowd’s attention at the 97th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — a protest broke out. Pro-Palestinian protesters paused the parade on Sixth Avenue at West 45th Street at 10 a.m.

TCL Google TV
TCL Google TV, Image credit TCL corp

Oh well, just a quick blog post on Thanksgiving Day 2023, as I’m laying in my rehab bed getting stronger each day thanks to Bellia and her fine team at the gym. Hopefully, I’ll walk out of here before Christmas 2023! 😎 As Dan Bongino recently said, we must take the presidency in 2024, or the America we love will be gone. In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is the only candidate who can reverse the damage done and finish draining the swamp.

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