Trump Won Song by Natasha Owens Crank Up Yer Speakers

Yep – Trump won and y’all dang well know it’s the truth! Dirty Democrats and the bought and manipulated media are trying him in their corrupt court of public opinion based on lies and mistruths they are spewing. Sorry if I offend anyone but, the Republican Party Has Absolutely No Balls! They have to know about all the corruption in OUR Government but Do Nothing to Stop It really pisses me off! 😡

Crank your speakers up and listen to this music video sung by Natasha Owens. And watch as Steve Bannon interviews Owens live. I wanted to add it to my Trump archives.

LISTEN: New ‘Trump Won’ Song Is ‘Perfection,’ Gushes Steve Bannon. was registered in 1998 and is a large archive open to the public. I’m 72 years old and are a non drinker/smoker who has been around the block many times. I am self-educated in many trades, and mastering the www is my continuing adventure in cyberspace. I aim also looking for one good woman to share my golden years with, Is that you? Contact me! 😏

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