The Election Is Over – Donald J Trump WON

The Election Is Over – Donald J Trump Won. Despite liberal media and the Clinton campaign’s smear tactics. Donald J Trump is the election winner.

Trump J Trump
Trump Wins Election with his Debate Performance

It’s a fact that Rats are the first to abandon what they think is a sinking ship, and the GOP Rats are no different.

So many Republicans quickly abandoned their leader when NBC News dug down deep into its bowels and released that secretly recorded sex tape between Billy Bush and Donald Trump.

After realizing the damage did not occur as planned, NBC quickly suspended Billy Bush. There are laws against secretly recording a conversation without consent. Trump could possibly file suit against NBC.

Bill Clinton Priceless Look
Priceless look on Bill Clinton’s face after his dirty laundry was aired

The big debate last night was great. Donald J Trump came out swinging and delivered his message to America with great clarity and strength.

Donald J Trump
Make America Soar Like An Eagle – Elect Donald J Trump President 11/08/16

If you missed the debate, it is available Here and Here with commentary from

Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉

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