Trump Celebrates 1st 100 Days As Out Of Touch Hollywood Eats Caviar

Donald Trump celebrated his presidency’s first 100 days with his supporting voters during a huge rally in Harrisburg PA. While out of touch DemocRats and Hollywood Elite ate Caviar at the annual Whitehouse press corps dinner 😆

Trump 100 Day Celebration Rally Harrisburg PA
Donald Trump celebrates his presidency’s 1st 100 days in Harrisburg Pennsylvania rally 04/29/2017

DemocRats are severely out of touch with working class America. It’s those working class Americans who do the brunt of the hard work that Made America Great.

We support Donald Trump in his war against stubborn democrats and dishonest liberal media. Despite their negativity and resistance to change America is a better place today for all of us. And for his hard work we celebrate with him.

All Donald Trump wants to do is make America safe for it’s citizens, provide jobs, and make America come first. Only Fools would argue and rally against that!

This tweet was sent out by President Donald Trump earlier this morning and was attacked by sore losers. Looking at the tweets hateful replies we suspect some of the multiple responses were submitted by verified shill accounts.

Another great example of Corporate America’s Democratic Failure. 😆

We’re not going into President Trump’s many accomplishments in his 1st one hundred days. Our point of this blog post is to celebrate with him. And to rub DemocRats and dishonest Liberal Media’s nose into the ground as they so deserve!

Trump Supporters Carry Banner 100 Day Rally
A trump fan carries a celebratory sign that reads. My president skipped the dinner to bring us our dessert.

Hollywood Elite and their supporters really hate America changing for the better. Trump is in touch with his people and is working his ass off for America but is under attack by the far left. The Democratic party is digging itself a grave it will never get out of.

Supporters Stand In Like To Attend Trump 100 Day Rally
Supporters and fans stand in line to attend Donald Trump rally in Harrisburg PA

Doc supports President Donald J Trump for his accomplishments since becoming our president. It’s a tough job that he was elected to do, and his efforts are sincerely appreciated!

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