Big Tech Squashing Trump & Conservative Voices

Brad Parscale, campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection bid, fired a tweet across big tech’s bow. Parscale warned Google, Facebook, and Twitter to maintain a “level playing field,” following a month of high-profile bias at big tech.

Big Tech Censoring Conservatives
Cartoon by Ben Garrison depicting how big tech is squashing conservative and Trump supporter’s voices online. #CensorshipValley

Twitter executive Carlos Monje fibbed to Senator Ted Cruz in this video saying Twitter does not ShadowBan. FidoSysop’s Twitter act is proof Monje’s statement is not true. Twitter does ShadowBan conservative and Donald Trump, supporters! 🙁

Carlos Monje to Ted Cruz Twitter Does NOT Shadowban
Video Proof Carlos Monje lied to Sen. Ted Cruz in this video saying Twitter does not shadowban it’s user-base.

Hey, @facebook @Twitter @Google we are watching. This is your opportunity to make sure the playing field is level. Here is solid proof Twitter does ShadowBan!

FidoSysop knows for a fact that Twitter does ShadowBan Donald Trump supporters and conservatives. His account has been censored before Donald Trump won the election. He worked hard sharing pro-trump articles, videos, photos, and never shared fake news, but was squashed like a bug by a Twitter ShadowBan!

FidoSysop produced this video in March 2017 proving without a doubt his Twitter account was shadowbanned, and still is a year later. 🙁

FidoSysop is an old retired used car dealer turned conservative blogger. He is unknown in this big tech world. But his word is gold. He doesn’t beat around the bush or sugarcoat anything and has the guts to blog his true thoughts. He does not spam or shares fake news. See his about me page for his qualifications.

Facebook also buries his FidoSysop page posts, and often marks them as spam, even though is Facebook verified. And Google conveniently hides certain articles from this blog. As Brad Parscale says, Big Tech we’re watching you!

Updated 2 hours later: So I’m trying to share this post on 3 Facebook Trump groups and it’s not visible to me. I look up Alex Jones (InfoWars) page and try to share a link as a comment. Facebook flagged this comment as SPAM! 😡

Facebook Comment Flagged As Spam is verified Facebook FidoSysop page domain. It’s NOT SPAM Facebook! You are just censoring my personal opinion.

An attorney may file a class action suit for censorship. As Senator Ted Cruz said, you can’t have it both ways , referring to protection from content site visitors posts. Sites that do not provide an open censorship-free platform, could lose this federal protection.

I'm a 71yo Florida-born good ole southern boy who operates the longest-running Wildcat-5 fidonet network computer bulletin board system in America. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as an Internet hobbyist and maintain a large political archive. If you find this information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible! 🙏

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