Just What Is Considered An Essential Service During Covid19 Shutdown

I’m bored today and figured this video clip of a Largo traffic cop running his speed trap during covid19 shutdown would be different. Are writing traffic tickets considered an essential service?

Cops must earn their keep in this spot alone. Cars come hauling ass over the overpass at 142 ave north. The posted speed limit is 55 mph. Probably going 5 mph over the limit will get ya pulled over. Then the officer wants to see yer license, registration, and proof of insurance. It could get really expensive if your reg or insurance card is expired. Or if you’ve got a outstanding warrant! 😥

Recently some young kid with a souped up Honda Civic passed me going like hell. I was dong double nickles on the money. That Honda Civic passed me like a flash. Bet he was going 90+ as he crossed 142 ave overpass. I lost sight of the civic but noticed an unmarked Chevy Silverado cops confiscated (probably found a doobie in the ash tray) hauling ass after the civic which at that time was over the East Bay / Roosevelt overpass. That cop had his peddle to the metal throwing grass and gravel everywhere! 😆 I can picture both the kid and his hooptie going to jail!

Reminds me of a cartoon in hot rod magazine back in my younger days. There was a teenager holding a piston with a broken rod in his hand. Parts counter guy said, speed costs money son, how fast do you want to go! I done figured it out many moons ago, that’s not for me!

essential services covid19

So getting back to my post subject. Just what is an essential service? Cops gotta be bored as can be. Doughnut shops being closed etc. They have been working that section of US-19 a lot recently.

Another little story from Kennith City FL back in the 70’s. That little town could have competed with Waldo or Starke FL on North US-301. 54th ave north between 49th and 66th street the speed limit was 30 mph. Kenneth city meant business and were always running speed traps.

As time went by police Chief Webster got old and cops hung out in Dunkin Doughnuts. It was jokingly said, if ya need a cop don’t call the cop shop, call Dunkin Doughnuts. Eventually chief Webster retired and a new police chief took over Kennith City. His first rule was, stay out of Dunkin Doughnuts unless your on a call. Whatever happened to the good ole days?

This post is an example of what it’s like being stuck at home during our covid19 lock-down. I was constipated and there’s nothing like a McDonalds breakfast to get cleaned out. No insult toward the police is intended. It’s been better than 35 years since i had a traffic ticket and know better!

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